EPA Region 5: Cleanup Roundup in Ohio, Wisconsin

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in May began cleanup of hazardous waste from a former storage drum-reconditioning facility, Gray Container, located in Cleveland.

Earlier this year, EPA took emergency action to secure the facility from unauthorized break-ins. Previous site assessments conducted by Ohio EPA found hazardous liquid wastes for chloroform, trichloroethylene and benzene. Current sampling has identified heavy metals and volatile organic compounds above cleanup levels in surface soils. EPA has also identified numerous drums and one aboveground storage tank with unknown contents.

Also in April, EPA began removing hazardous waste, abandoned chemicals, incinerator ash, and damaged asbestos from a former school and daycare facility previously owned by the VE Carter Child Development Corp. in Milwaukee, Wis.

A November 2013 fire caused extensive damage forcing the charter school and daycare to close. Since then, neglect and trespassing have created unsafe conditions in and around the building. The city of Milwaukee foreclosed on the property in July 2016. The city and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources asked EPA to help deal with the hazardous waste and environmental risks.



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