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Brownfield Executive Spotlight

Why A Conservation Group Is Helping Develop Affordable Housing

The Seattle-based environmental organization Forterra (formerly known as Cascade Land Conservancy) is getting into the urban land-banking business.

Don't let fears thwart land use planning vision

If you're like most people, you came here from somewhere else and had to find a place to live, settle into a job, and then figure out where to buy food, take your kids to play and everything else.

Beaver Mines land use amendment carried

The bylaw is amending the land use of a parcel of land located within NW 10-6-2-W5M to include public recreation, public water use and public utility use.

Austin land use commissions grapple with proposed reforms

The two dozen Austinites who signed up for the thankless task of recommending planning and zoning changes to City Council agree on at least one thing: there has to be a better way.


Brownfield News

More than a ‘Wood-Be’ Success Story

The site is an approximate 24 acre parcel located within the city limits of Gautier, Miss. on the Gulf Coast and is surrounded by water, sensitive wetlands, and predominantly residential properties.

Investing in the Brownfields Land Bank

Many communities are making brownfields redevelopment a priority in order to maximize the many benefits of accommodating growth in existing communities.

A New Partnership Paradigm in West Virginia

In northern West Virginia, a creative partnership offers a unique structure that could potentially be replicated on brownfields properties in other regions.

Environment & the Economy Meet: A Leveraging Success Story

In February of 2009, EPA Region I & the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection met with the WESTMASS Area Development Corporation to discuss possible Brownfields Assistance for New England’s largest and most significant brownfield—the 170-acre Ludlow Mills site.


Brownfield Public Square

How Do You Eliminate the Unknowns of Your Redevelopment Property?

Kentucky does not have any tax dollars to be used to fund Brownfields redevelopment. As a result some large Brownfields projects, Papa John's stadium and the Louisville riverfront redevelopment come…

Feel–Good Storytelling: From USTs to Fresh Produce

Tennessee's oldest town, Jonesborough, is nestled in the northeast corner of Tennessee. Founded in 1779, the small, vibrant town with a population of around 6,000 is commonly known for its…

On The Waterfront: Chicago's Navy Pier At A Crossroads

Water is powerful. The rip tide warnings that went into effect off the Carolina and Virginia coasts around Memorial Day weekend proved this fact, packing a relentless power to pull…

A Step Toward Renewal

“They stopped thinking about it as me and started thinking about it as we.” Two years ago, community members in Fairmont, West Va. decided to address the significant number of…


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