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OCTOBER, 2016  

Brownfield News

Energy Focus: Kalona, Iowa Solar Initiative

Farmers Electric Cooperative partnered with Iowa Wind and Solar to engineer, finance, and construct their newest solar project, a 950.4 kW array consisting of 2,880 solar panels.

Canadian Brownfields Network Hosting Environment Industry Day

In partnership with the Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA), we are pleased to extend a personal invitation for you to join us for the 16th annual Environment Industry Day.

Legislative Update: Six New California Laws Impacting Water

“This legislation ensures that every urban retail water supplier has a tool to curb excessive water use by customers,” said Hill.

Guest commentary — A legislative update from state Sen. Wayne Schmidt

For example, cleaning up an underground storage tank is considered an environmental activity but not currently eligible for approval by the Department of Environmental Quality.


Brownfield Stateside

Stateside Report: Focus on Minn. and Ohio

City officials and community members have met to discuss plans for the future redevelopment of Brownfield sites in Duluth.

Ag Dept. Initiative Benefits Kentucky

Pulaski County is among several rural Kentucky counties that may benefit from a new program launched recently by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Chicago TOD Strategies: Sum Of Parts Equal, Greater Than The Whole

Often times when we think of the concept of transit-oriented development (TOD), it's the "development" portion of the term that gets the most focus. While transit is the impetus for…

Legislative Leaders Call for Raimondo to Halt $3.6M to Developer Robbins

"Look, I'm supportive of Commerce as a whole. They're doing what they need to do for the state, and there will be some blunders," said Tobon.


Brownfield Public Square

Cardno Well Represented at Southeast Regional Brownfields Conference

Three Cardno brownfields experts, Roger Register, Gail Rawls Jeter, and Miles Ballogg, presented compelling case studies of brownfields success at the 2nd Annual Southeast Regional Brownfields Conference, held earlier this week in Jacksonville, Fla.

'Airing’ On The Side Of Caution

As urban revitalization proceeds at a steady pace and construction prices continue to escalate in cities where vacant parcels are all but nonexistent, many property owners and developers are finding…

Regulatory Complexity and Ballast Water Management

... (NANPCA) and the National Invasive Species Act (NISA), while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the discharge of pollutants, including ballast water, from point sources into waters of the U.S.

Perspective: One Smart-Growth Participant’s View On Urban vs. Rural Development Decisions

Rural redevelopments have a position and a purpose—but only after painstaking due diligence gives it the green light to proceed through data, consensus building and all hands on deck agreement.


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