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AUGUST, 2017

Brownfield News

House, Senate Reject Trump Request to Cease Transit Construction

House and Senate committees have both passed transportation budget bills for the upcoming year. While the House made a few cuts, the Senate flatly rejected President Trump’s requests to eliminate the TIGER grant program, halt all new federally supported transit construction, and slash passenger rail service.

Activities Abound for Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE)

The Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast has several events planned for the near future, including presenting a workshop with the LSRPA entitled, "Let's Build A Clean Land Coalition," at the October 13 ANJEC Environmental Congress.

Risk, Return and Financing Basics

The RE3 Conference, scheduled for November 1-3 in Philadelphia, is fast approaching. The education lineup is solidifying as we speak. Now in its 4th year, the Conference brings together the…

Smart Growth America to Host Inaugural Amazing Place Ideas Forum

Smart Growth America’s Amazing Place report demonstrates ways that cities are investing in vibrant, walkable neighborhoods to help attract new residents and jobs, support existing businesses, and benefit everyone’s quality of life.


Brownfield Public Square

Mayors Applaud Brownfield Redevelopment Legislation

In late July, U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) Brownfields Task Force Chair Elizabeth (NJ) Mayor Christian J. Bollwage applauded passage of Brownfield Redevelopment legislation, commending members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for passing a bipartisan Brownfields Redevelopment bill.

Energy Department Reports: Wind Energy Continues Rapid Growth

The Energy Department this week (August 7) released three wind market reports demonstrating continued growth in wind energy nationwide. America’s wind industry added more than 8,200 megawatts (MW) of capacity last year, representing 27 percent of all energy capacity additions in 2016.

Laser Vision, Collaboration Fuels Indy Mixed-Use Gem

The transition in any civic government often comes with a double-edge sword—as there are a fair share of growing pains and a dose of unexpected upheaval that's all part of…

DOE’s Wind Technologies Market Report: Several Key Findings

Among several key findings from the 2016 Wind Technologies Market Report and the Distributed Wind Market Report by the Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is that utility-scale wind installations stand at more than 82 GW, enough to meet about 6.2 percent of U.S. end-use electricity demand in an average year.


Brownfield Stateside

Hoboken's One-Two Punch: Solving Density, Stormwater Dilemmas

The city of Hoboken, N.J. is saddled with an open space and expansion dilemma in what's historically a built-up urban footprint marked by acute density. City planners and private sponsors,…

Western Mass. Communities Recipients of Grant Funds

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency celebrated the recipients of seven Brownfields grants in western Massachusetts. This year, entities in western Massachusetts received $2.4 million for assessment and cleanup of Brownfields sites.

Public-Private Vision Drives Pa. Multi-Faceted Destination

The 1,600-acre Bethlehem Steel site in Bethlehem, Penn. is to the brownfields industry what the Drake Oil well in Titusville, Penn. is to the oil industry. The Bethlehem Steel site…

EPA Steps Up With Funds for Green Bay Multi-Use Property

Green Bay, Wis. redevelopment efforts are getting a big boost with a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.


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